Acne, once the preserve of the young, is increasingly affecting men and women of all ages. In many cases, this is probably related to fluctuating stress levels and cortisol release, food hypersensitivity to gluten, dairy etc, and self medicating with alcohol, food or medical substances.


For acne treatment, I would always recommend a consultation first. Establishing a good skincare regime is imperative for long lasting results, including retinol if tolerated, for regulating skin cell turnover, as well as gentle, but thorough cleansing and moisturising in order to down regulate production of sebum. On it’s own, these recommendation will probably have a significant impact on acne over time. For faster results, Lumecca IPL photo facial will help relieve active acne quickly.


Peels can be very helpful for a number of acne prone conditions. Salicylic acid peels can help deal with hyperkornification of acne prone skin (the build up of dead skin cells which cause the blockages which prevent sebum being eliminated from the skin). This enables ingredients in skincare to penetrate the skin.

For more cystic acne I’d recommend a pyruvic peel with a longer lasting sebum slowing effect to eradicate congestion. For hyperpigmentationfollowing acne, a Jessners peel will interfere with melanin production.


    I can recommend a number of treatments for this, depending on the type of scarring. Fractora can be used both to treat active acne and acne scarring. Dermal needling and Tixel skin resurfacing can both treat open pores and scarring, and skin care with hydroquinone, resorcinol or kojic acid can all help with the red or dark pigment that can take up to a year or two to respond to improvements in active acne.


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