The beauty of a smooth canvas.


When my clients first notice signs of facial aging, they often choose to book in for botox or fillers. Which of course can significantly improve what they see in the mirror, as they are very efficient at reducing wrinkles and folds, and relaxing signs of tension.

However, I often suggest that they start by looking at ways of improving the luminosity, resilience and light refracting quality of their skin. If we can create a radiant, tightened, and plumptious base in our skin tone, then it’s’ a pretty sure bet that less Botox and filler will be required afterwards. It’s also a fact that superficial wrinkles will appear less of a problem if the skin they sit on appears dewy and healthy.

Depending on specific problems, I can offer a range of solutions which will make your skin appear more youthful and vibrant.


My go to is often to recommend a course of Forma (Inmode) facelift sessions. Forma is a particularly effective form of radiofrequency facial, which will significantly tighten the skin and leave it glowing. It’s an excellent one off treatment for a red carpet occasion, and a course of 6 weekly sessions will knock a year or two off your appearance, in a pretty pain free and delicious way. (also useful for saggy knees and docolletage).

Clients who choose to buy a course of treatments will usually notice that treatments get mixed up a bit. I’ll add in some Lumecca IPL to promote collagen production and reduce pigmentation and red veins. The longer term effect is that you’ll catch your reflection in a mirror 4 or 5 weeks later, and think, ‘damn, my skin is glowing!’. For those prone to acne, they’ll often get some peel added to their treatment to frighten off the spots.


For clients who dislike the idea of botox or fillers, then a session or two of eFitness for the face will tighten the facial muscles, giving back the lift of more youthful skin, as well as oxygenating the cells for a glowy result. If this is your preferred option then you’ll likely need to make this a monthly ritual for toned skin.

More severe problems, such as very enlarged pores, acne scarring and deeper lines will respond to a series of needling sessions (quite comfortable), radio frequency needling (a bit painful and some downtime, but great for scarring) or Tixel skin rejuvenation (in between the two).

Starting with some skin rejuvenation is great for your appearance, and a good way to ease in to aesthetic treatments if you’re nervous. Do remember, consultations are free if you need to know more.


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