Dermal Fillers

Fillers are quickly catching up to Botox in popularity of aesthetic treatments.  Hardly surprising, as facial lines and wrinkles can create a tired or stressed appearance. Your journey starts with an initial consultation where I take the time to understand your concerns, habits and lifestyle, and together we’ll create a tailored plan to achieve your goals in a timescale to suit your needs and your budget. It is amazing what can be achieved with modern fillers in creating a more youthful, or defined and contoured appearance.


I only use premium quality fillers to achieve the best, long lasting results for my clients. Our fillers are all made of hyaluronic acid, a type of sugar that naturally occurs in our skin to help repair damaged tissue.  It forms part of the natural matrix of the skin, but diminishes as we age and our skin becomes less firm.  It’s normal liquid state is converted to a gel which can bind with collagen.  It absorbs large amounts of water, moisturising and conditioning your skin from within. Results are instant.


These gels are injected into the face to create lift.  A soft gel can be used to lift hollows under the eyes, or fine lines.  A thicker gel can be used to lift folds, which may occur between your nose and mouth, mouth and chin, or within the cleft of your chin. They can also plump up your lips. The thickest gels can be used to sculpt contours into the face.  They can create or augment cheekbones, fill hollow temples, sculpt a straighter nose, or create a firmer jawline or more feminine chin.


A combination of these techniques can be used to transform your face, creating what is often termed a ‘liquid’, or ‘8 point’ lift. This works very nicely for most people, because it addresses 2 key aspects of facial ageing:


    Midface volume loss, with cheek descent and deflation, and the development of jowls.


    Creases, lines and shadows in the mid and lower face.

    Because every face is different, and each one ages differently, clients will receive specific advice about treatments according to what would look good for them and what they feel comfortable with.


      Lip Fillers

      For lips we go for products with good density, but advanced technology for a soft bounce, rather than a hard pout. Juvederm Vycross, or Teosyal RHA 2or 3, both have enough heft to last, but without the ultra firmness that promotes duck lips found in cheaper products.

      Skin Conditioners

      These are used over the whole face to improve skin texture and tone.These are relatively thin fillers, often combined with antioxidants for a dewy complexion, which are used to look red carpet stunning. They are designed to prevent premature skin aging, restore density and maintain skin glow.  My favourite is Teosyal redensity. One will make you look lovely for a big occasion.  Three, given at three week intervals and then topped up at four months will keep you glowing all year.

      Widespread Fine Lines

      The very fine lines on the surface of your cheek, around the eyes and mouth and across the forehead can be challenging to address. A great new product designed especially for these areas is Viscoderm Hydroboost skin boosters, a relatively new product which goes in as a very thin gel, but has immense and lasting lifting power to combat fine lines without looking overfilled. It also offers deep hydration and leaves skin looking radiant and super smooth. Skin feels more ‘springy’ as elasticity is improved.

      Repeat after 6 months.

      Facial Contouring & Rejuvenation

      When clients request fillers, it’s often to address lines and folds in the midface, that go from the nose to mouth, or mouth to jaw. These can often be filled directly, and with a nice result.  However, they are the result of the natural descent of the face, and it’s underlying fat pads, that occurs with age. For this reason, addressing the cause of these lines by restoring the face from the top down achieves a more impressive result.  No one will ever say, ‘Gosh your temples look so lovely now they’re filled’, but they’ll definitely notice that you look fresher, and more ‘you’ somehow.  A cheek which has flattened with time will look softer and prettier when a soft curve is restored, and those pesky lines from your nose will be lessened.  And if you want a firmer jaw, rather than jowls, then you have to start from where the descent started, before we can contour this area.  For shaping the face we use fillers in which the hyaluronic acid is cross linked to increase viscosity and body.  There are many different brands available, but recent technology has resulted in ranges which have enough ‘body’ to achieve lasting results, with enough resilience and elasticity to move with the face and give a result that looks and feels much more natural.  The best known of these ranges are Teosyal RHA (RHA 1,2,3,4), Juvederm Vycross (Volbella, Volift, Voluma and Volux), and Restylane (Fynesse, Lyft, Defyne and Kysse).  Thus lips feel and look more natural (no ducks here!), and facial fillers move with the face, not against it.


      Cheekbones can become flattened with aging as the face starts to drop, or a rounder face may just benefit from a lift. Cheek filler can give a gentle curve (no chipmunk cheeks here), and extend the cheekbone up towards the temples. This will also lift the lower eye area, and may improve tear trough without direct filling.  Where the cheekbones are already well defined, but there is a sense of gauntness, cheek filler applied with cannula below the cheekbones can give support to the cheeks whilst giving a youthful fullness which doesn’t detract from facial contours and is very refreshing.

      Tear Trough Filler

      This is relatively thin so as not to create swelling, and avoid overfilling the tear trough.  Tear trough filler can be very rejuvenating where eyes are hollow, or where there are mild eye bags, but can’t reverse severe eye bags.

      Non Surgical Nose Job

      If you have an uneven or crooked nose, it’s often possible to straighten it’s appearance using filler.  Whilst this adds to the structure of the nose, it usually looks much smaller because the eye is drawn to irregular shapes, whereas once corrected the nose doesn’t attract attention.

      Chin & Jaw Augmentation

      It’s very fashionable to make a very angular jaw just now, and this can look great.  A more gentle definition can improve jowling which occurs with age or weight gain. Either work best when the upper face is well defined, hence starting high and working down.


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