BOTOX | Wrinkle relaxing injections


Aging is a normal part of life, and whilst we can’t look twenty forever, we ALL want to look good for our age. Judicious use of Botox will interrupt signals to the muscles on your face, preventing you from frowning, squinting and generally scrunching your skin and developing a fine mesh of light or deep wrinkles from your expressions. Botox injections have been used as non-surgical treatments since the late 1980’s. They have become extremely popular due to their remarkable results combined with very few risks and no recovery time.


When your facial muscles are relaxed, the appearance of lines is reduced dramatically. They can be reduced entirely over the course of several treatments. The process is performed using a micro-fine sterile needle, which makes precise injections in the treatment area. This treatment is practically painless. No anaesthetic is needed but it can be applied if agreed beforehand. Clients can return to most normal activities straightaway, so it won’t impede your lifestyle.

Results can be noticed as early as 48 hours after treatment, but it can take up to 14 days to reach maximum effect. The initial treatment can last up to three months. Subsequent treatments may last up to six months if done regularly. Only specific muscles are injected, so it cannot freeze your facial expressions. Non-injected muscles continue to function, allowing normal facial expression… but without the wrinkles. Eliza uses her knowledge of anatomy and interactions between the muscle groups to harmonise facial movements and create a natural and refreshed appearance.


What is the muscle-relaxing treatment?

In the UK, there are 3 licensed products for dynamic wrinkles’ reduction called Botox®, Azzalure® and Bocouture®. They contain a Botulinum Toxin type A, which prevents the release of acetylcholineneurotransmitter, responsible for muscular contraction at the neuromuscular junction.

Which area can be treated with muscle-relaxing injections?

Muscle- relaxing treatment is widely used and licensed for upper face areas such as frown, forehead lines, and crow’s feet. Also, other areas can be treated:

  • Lip flip
  • ‘bunny lines’ on the nose
  • Perioral dynamic lines, eg “lipstick lines”
  • Top lip lengthening in cases of ‘gummy smile’
  • The downward positioned corners of the mouth
  • Softening of dimpled skin on the chin
  • Tightening and redefining jawline, also known as ‘Nefertiti Lift’
  • Teeth grinding treatment to reduce muscular tension. botulinum toxin is available to treat the masseter muscles of the jaw. This is to slim down the jawline for a more v-shaped lower face. This can also help with tensing of the jaw if you are a teeth grinder and struggle with tension in this area.
  • Neck rejuvenation for horizontal neck lines and vertical platysma bands,
  • Excessive sweating – Hyperhidrosis treatment.
  • Anti-sweating injections can be used to treat excessive sweating Botox® is injected into several areas of the skin and this instantly prevents the sweat glands from producing sweat with results lasting up to 6 months.
How do I know if muscle-relaxing injections are suitable for me?

All three Botox®, Azzalure® and Bocouture® are Prescription Only Medicines (POM). At Eliza Clark Aesthetic Clinic, face-to-face initial consultation enables identification of personal requirements, medical history, and any contraindications to establish treatment suitability. The relevant information and aftercare instructions will be explained in detail. Our goal is to ensure you are in safe and experienced hands.

When can I notice the results?

Visible results are usually noticed around 3 days after treatment with the maximum effect at around 2 weeks.

Does it hurt?

The muscle-relaxing micro-injections are performed with a very fine needle and are well tolerated and hardly cause any discomfort.

Does it hurt? Is it suitable for pregnant & breast-feeding women?

Use of muscle-relaxing injections cannot be recommended during pregnancy or breast-feeding.


As Botulinium Toxin takes at least two weeks to take effect, we offer a complimentary aftercare service with a repeat appointment two weeks later to review the treatment and offer any top ups which may be needed.


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