When you come for a consultation with me, I want you to feel at home, and know you have lots of time to talk through your concerns and options.

Considering aesthetic treatments can be daunting.  Revealing what we don’t like about our appearance can make us feel exposed, and the options can seem confusing.  This is why consultations are so important.  It matters that you trust your practitioner and know they understand your concerns.

Self care is not self indulgent or trivial.  We all perform better, as companions, parents or workers, if we feel at ease with the impression we make. At Eliza Clark, you are my concern and you’ll be made to feel comfortable exploring options which will give you the results you desire. 

initial consultation.

It can be helpful to bring in a picture of yourself when you were really happy with your appearance, as well as pictures which show the results you’re after.  It helps in talking about what will work for your face, and what is achievable.

Book yourself a consultation to find out what are the best options available to you. There’s no hard sell, only informed advice on how to look your best, safely and succesfully.


Eliza Clark has 26 years of experience within the NHS, and 11 years in aesthetic practice.  She’s trained and continues to train with some of the most respected practitioners in the UK.  She is a member of the British Association of Aesthetic Nurses, and the Aesthetic Complications Expert Group. Check her registration as a Nurse practitioner and prescriber with the Royal College of Nursing.

Eliza is an experienced injector and is the chosen injector for many other aesthetic nurses because her results are simply beautiful due to her artistic talents. She is known for her defined results and contouring within the golden ratio of beauty. She does not favour overexaggerated features, producing natural but noticeable treatment results.

And just so you know, a GOOD AESTHETIC FACIAL TREATMENT IS ONE WHICH ENHANCES YOUR NATURAL BEAUTY, not one that announces itself as an “add on” to a normal face. Duck lips and blank expressions are not promoted here. The ethos at Eliza Clark is always to under promise and over perform. So have a wander around the website, it’ll answer a lot of your questions. Send me an email, make an appointment, but don’t ever worry that you’ll be persuaded to a treatment that isn’t right for you. At Eliza Clark Aesthetic Clinic, the most important person is, always, you.