Wave 21 (Fat freezing)

A completely new methodology in the aesthetic field:  Waves 21 is a totally innovative device that uses two independent technologies: metameric stimulation and cold treatment with Violet LED.


At Eliza Clark Aesthetics, I’m lucky enough to be one of the first clinics to offer Waves 21 Cryolipolysis with metameric stimulation. Which might just sound like a foreign language to you. So here’s the breakdown.

Cryolipolysis is a system which reduces fat by freezing fat cells, thereby breaking down the fat cell wall, the contents of which are removed by the liver and kidneys. It works because fat cells freeze at higher temperatures than other body cells, so there is little damage to surrounding tissue. However, many of the machines which achieve this use suction cups, so they can only work on small areas at a time, and they cant deal with fat in bony areas, such as the ‘buffalo hump’ (found on the back of the neck.) The static suction can cause some damage, as well as paradoxical adipose hyperplasia as experienced by Linda Evangelista. This is why I prefer to use a method using colder application, which is kept moving over the area to protect tissues, and also it has a stonking ability to smooth and tighten the skin. It has a large surface area, feels surprisingly pleasant (really!), and also uses Violet LED light, which relaxes and decompresses nerves and muscles, stimulates the lymphatic system and venous return and reduces the sense of hunger. It is the ray of the visible spectrum with the greatest energetic properties. So it’s a great little fat reducer. Oh, and it can deal with visceral fat as well as subcutaneous fat. That’s the midlife type which wraps around our organs and makes us prone to heart disease. And that’s a big deal!


However, being built by the Italians, who are obsessed with health, it also incorporates Metameric stimulation. Metameres are 11 muscle groups located on the back, each one is linked to a particular region of innervation, via the sympathetic nervous system (a bit like reflexology). These are stimulated prior to the cold treatment via gentle electro stimulation. So for example, the area at the back of the neck corresponds to the thyroid, which can have a significant effect on our tendency to retain fat, so all metameric treatments include the thyroid. Other areas that may need stimulation, depending on the type of fat being treated, include the metameres associated with the intestines, liver, heart and kidney. It’s a sublime combination which is getting great results.


Treatment application & benefits
  • Removing the local belly fat, the visceral fat
  • Subcutaneous fat reduction
  • 50+ hormonal and belly fat reduction
  • Removing the ‘bison hump’
  • Removal of local cellulite
  • Firming, toning of the muscle and skin tissue
  • Skin tightening and firming
  • Remodel the silhouette
  • Reduce the swelling, limit or reduce the formation of edema
  • Stimulation of lymph circulation and venous return
  • Soothe tension in the nerves and muscles – deep muscle relaxation
  • Contributes to bone development
  • Improve general well-being
  • Promote the recovery of the energy balance
  • Detoxification and improving drainage
  • Stimulates the spleen, lymphatic system and production of white blood cells
  • Improved concentration
  • Reduced hunger
Treatments on body
  • Localised abdominal fat (over 50)
  • Compact Fat
  • Cellulite
  • Saddle bags
  • Buffalo Hump
  • Excess Skin

Beofre & Afters | WAVE 21 FAT FREEZING


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