About Eliza Clark Aesthetics Clinic

Founded by Eliza in 2011. Eliza qualified as a nurse in 1995, and has worked in Intensive care, oncology, health visiting and as manager of a community child and family centre in South Birmingham. She is a registered nurse prescriber and practitioner, and has worked in Aesthetics since 2010. Her credentials can be checked with the Nursing and Midwiferey Council, Registration number is 91Y1200E.


I believe passionately that we all feel and perform at our best when we feel confident in the way we come across to others. We all want to look our best, and choosing to have beauty treatments is neither trivial, nor a betrayal of our beliefs that women are valuable beyond their looks. It simply allows us to be the best version of ourselves. As an older woman, I’m obsessed with treatments which allow us to change but still look great.

We are lucky enough to live in a time when we can look great at any age. The treatments I use work well, but can carry an element of risk. Aesthetic procedures are safest when performed by qualified and experienced medical personnel. I take a huge pride in my treatments, and especially my aftercare.

Having been trained, and mentored, by leading industry experts in aesthetic medicine, I am competent to offer pioneering, safe medical aesthetic techniques. Ensuring that you are satisfied and informed about safe treatments is key to ensuring results which address your needs and desires.