Facial skin peels

Skin and facial peels Cheltenham

Eliza Clark Aesthetic Clinic specialises in safer, pain free face peels for anti-ageing, skin pigmentation and acne.

Why have a facial peel?

Skin and facial peel cheltenhamOver time, even with the best skin cleansing products and regimes, our skin develops a build up of dead cells, which clog the pores and leads to multiple skin problems. This can occur for different reasons at different ages.  Young or acne prone skin creates new skin cells so quickly that older cells haven’t had time to die and slough off, causing an overproduction of skin cells (hyperkeratinisation) which, combined with androgen hormone stimulated excess sebum production , contributes to the blockage of pores and the subsequent proliferation of the p. Acnes bacteria which causes spots.  Thus for younger or acne prone skin, a peel can remove the cells blocking the skins pores.  This allows oxygen to reach these cells, making inflammation from viruses much less likely.  Pore size is diminished as debris is removed, tone and texture are improved as a result of regulating cell turnover, and the new skin cells reflect light, look fresh and healthy and have a much more even pigment.

Conversely, as we age, skin turnover slows down, and skin cells remain in situ long after the collagen and elastin which gives skin thickness and tone has disappeared, leaving it looking dull and flat. A skin peel removes these dead cells, leaving healthy living cells which improves the clarity and freshness of the skin.  This improves and helps rejuvenate the skins natural elasticity, and can reduce signs of aging by reducing fine lines and wrinkles and minimising pores.

Neostrata skin peels

This is a medical grade glycolic acid peel system, which can only be administered by medically qualified personnel.  It uses alpha hydroxy acids to remove surface skin cells in an effective and predictable manner, leaving you with healthier and smoother looking skin.  In order to avoid downtime caused by inflamed skin and severe peeling, the neostrata  peels are applied as six treatments spaced two to three weeks apart.  All clients will begin with a 20% concentration of glycolic acid, and may continue to have peels at this strength, or progress to concentrations of 35%, 50% or 70%, depending on client age, lifestyle, skin condition, sun damage and past treatments.  The skin after peels will appear plumper, tighter, more hydrated and evenly pigmented, with fewer lines.

Neostrata peels can be applied not only to the face, but the back, chest, neck and shoulders and the back of the hands. They can be used with all skin types and on black and asian skins, but should not be used on women who are pregnant or breast feeding.

Side Effects

Peeled skin will be more photosensitive than normal, so it is important to wear sunscreen and avoid sunbathing whilst undergoing peels and for four weeks afterwards.  Some patients may experience a little redness and sloughing of the skin 3-4 days after a peel. Very occasionally there may be some scabbing or weeping which, if picked, may cause some scarring.

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