Local Press review

This totally fab article was written about me in Voice the local magazine for Cardiff, Newport, and South Wales.  It’s so lovely I blushed!

A New Me!

The decision to have any type of cosmetic treatment is a serious one – you need to know you’re in safe, professional and caring hands, particularly after the various scare stories in the media over recent months.

That’s why, when Voice regular Eliza Clark offered us the chance to ‘try and test’ one of the treatments she offers at her practice we took time to think about it, all the obvious questions came to mind. Well, I’m pleased to say our initial worries were needless.

Upon arrival at Eliza’s clinic, just a ten-minute drive from Voice HQ in Newport, a smiling Eliza greeted me.

I think she could tell I was a little worried, so she sat me down with a good cup of coffee in her light, airy and comfortable consultancy room to discuss the various treatments.

Eliza went to great lengths to explain the procedures and end results. She spent a full 15 minutes questioning my medical history, ensuring the treatment I decided on was right for me as I felt my fears disappear. I was reassured to hear Eliza is a fully qualified nurse, who works closely with a practising doctor.

Clearly, I was dealing with a sensitive professional who simply wanted to ensure I was fully comfortable with my chosen treatment.

So, coffee finished, and reassured I decided on some fillers to reduce those annoying crow’s feet and Botox to help reduce those irritating forehand wrinkles we all get when we reach our 30s (or, to be honest, mid -40s in my case).

As I settled on Eliza ’s comfortable couch, I began to relax and focus on those end results.

No more crow’s feet and no more looking away from the mirror when I see those deep forehead lines, as well as more confidence in myself and my appearance.

For the first time in a long time, I was beginning to feel happy about myself. During the painless procedure, Eliza gently explained and reassured and after about 10 minutes it was all over.

I genuinely expected to be there for hours, but, Eliza ’s professional nursing bedside manner, made the time fly by – brilliant.

After the treatment, Eliza talked me through the results, I simply could not stop smiling, my forehead, looked naturally clear, and those crow’s feet were gone – I was so pleased.

I give Eliza a big hug, and off I went – smiling and confident, totally happy with the experience.

A week later and the treatment has now completely settled and I feel fab. People have asked why I look so happy and my daughter even said, “you look younger”. Thanks Eliza, world, look out for the renewed me.

Eliza Clark is a fully qualified medical cosmetics registered nurse practitioner. She offers treatments including wrinkle reduction, permanent hair removal, lip enhancements, dermal fillers, prescription skin care and facial contouring and jowl reduction to name just a few.

Chris Evans

Voice magazine