Eliza Clark Price List


First area £150
Additional areas £50 each
Teeth grinding/jaw slimming £250
Hyperhydrosis (sweaty armpits/hands) £300


1ml filler £250
Nose reshaping From £250
Cheek enhancements From £250

Prophilo Bio remodelling

1 x 2ml treatment £300
2 x 2ml treatments £550


From £45

Mole removal

From £80

Facial vein removal

15 minute treatment £50

Skin lesions

Up to six tags £50
Cherry angiomas (bright red freckles that just appear) £30
Milia £30

Microsclerotherapy (leg veins)

Price on consultation

Platelet rich plasma (vampire facial) therapy

1 treatment £150
Course of 4 treatments £450


Various treatments available, come for a free consultation

Skin conditioning treatments

Treatments designed to restore the youthful glow, even pigment and flawless texture of young skin.
Medical facials £45
with peel £70
Laser rejuvenation
Good for untanned skin, stimulates collagen, regulates pigment, tightens pores, treats acne.
Full face £55
Décolletage £55
face and décolletage £85
Radio frequency skin tightening
Immediately restores youthful glow, softness and over time tightens and lifts skin
Per treatment £45
Medical microdermabrasion
Promote skin cell turnover and stimulate circulation £45
Prescription skin care

Cosmeceuticals with medical strength ingredients

Dermal Needling/mesotherapy
One treatment £110
Course of three £300

Laser hair removal

Quotations on demand