Dermal fillers

Dermal Fillers Cheltenham

Dermal fillers are increasingly popular. The effect is instant, subtle and flattering. When they’re well done people usually don’t know what you’ve had done but they do think you look much younger or refreshed!

When are Dermal fillers used?

Dermal Fillers are used to instantly smooth lines and wrinkles and to add volume to specific areas of the face to create a more youthful shape.

Popular dermal fillers facial treatments

Dermal fillers Cheltenham

Dermal Fillers give instant results

Results from dermal fillers can be seen immediately, and are effective in many areas of the face. It can be used directly to plump up lines and folds in the skin, for example:

  • Forehead lines – it can be very effective, best used in conjunction with anti wrinkle injections.
  • nose to the mouth lines can be filled to reduce skin folds and restore volume around the nose and mouth
  • Smokers lines can be reduced or removed. While very deep lines may not be totally reduced you can restore a lot of volume to the mouth so that it looks much prettier and more youthful
  • Marionette lines, those dreaded deep lines running from your mouth to your chin can be removed or lessened. This is often done in conjunction with lip augmentation to draw the eye  to the lips.

As well as directly addressing folds and wrinkles, they can be used for facial contouring, subtly enhancing your natural face shape, such as:

  • Cheekbones, augmenting cheekbones with cheek filler to creating defined cheekbones
  • Jawline, chin fillers to define the jaw
  • Full lips, subtle lip enhancement which can make your lips appear more voluptuous. They can add fullness, definition, or balance out asymmetry.

Volumising with the 8 point facelift. (AKA Liquid facelift).

This is an advanced method of facial contouring, formalised by Juvederm, that refers to 4 injection sites for enhancing midface volume and lift, and 4 sites in the lower face for polishing and smoothing lines and creases in the nasolabial and perioral areas. This method works very nicely for most people because it addresses 2 key aspects of facial aging:

  • Midface volume loss – cheek descent and deflation
  • Creases, lines and shadows in the mid and lower face

The fillers used at Fresh Face are made from hyaluronic acid. This is a substance which forms part of the natural matrix of the skin, but which diminishes as we age and our skin becomes less firm. It’s a very hydrophilic substance, which means that it attracts, and binds to, several times its own weight in water, thus creating the plumped up skin which fills wrinkles and adds facial contours. It also helps to maintain skin hydration, keeping your skin moisturised and dewy.

After the procedure, there may be some localised redness or bruising as a normal result of the injections, which will usually fade within a day or two.

For anyone who thinks they might like filler but are nervous of the potential result, rest assured the procedure is reversible. Book your free, no obligation consultation – to learn more or simply for a no-strings chat please phone 07882 845 325, email me, or pop your details in the form on the right.